Monday, November 10, 2008


So today Slave 147 got a promotion. Well, he didn't get a new title. . .and his pay is still the same. . .but oh boy, did he get more responsibilities. Now he is in charge of pulling merchandise out of the back to fill holes, checking in merchandise in electronics to make sure that the Distribution Center isn't cheating his store, and basically being in charge of everyone else on the team. That's a promotion, right?

Also, it has come to my attention that everyone in Troy is either racist, stupid, or my friend(those first two are NOT mutually exclusive). The comments that I have to suffer through during work would make a skinhead cringe, and it's not just white people hating blacks, it goes both ways, and even as far as black people making disparaging comments about their own race!

But there is a ray of light: I have 2 days off starting Tuesday, and I get paid Thursday! I really need to try and see the gang, that should help with the work blues. Hope everyone is doing great, it's getting COLD here.



JSG said...

If this hotbed of diversity and tolerance is, indeed a college town, are you partaking of the learning? Surely the live of Slave 147 is interesting fodder, but merely a step in pursuit of something... less slave-like?

IgnaciousVR said...

Well, not at the moment. First priority was house/job. Hopefully I will be able to start taking classes in the spring, but if I am not enrolled by the summer, everyone is free to thump me.

Liz said...

Congratulations? on the promotion. More work, more responsibility and the same pay...Sounds like parenthood! I am glad to be able to hear how things are going. Maybe it will help with the whole "missing you like crazy" thing.
Love, Mom

thefurlongs said...

i have a new blog. come c me big bro. -ty