Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Been a while (updates)

I know it's been a while since I blogged, and in true fashion I'm doing this one before the sun comes up. Alot has happened since I last posted, although if you read my last post, still the same problem. Even the same girl which is amazing i must say (and still very painful). But thats already been posted so on to other new things.

Wally World. I'm now regularly running shifts by myself with minimal (usually no) management interference, although since I'm not management myself I do have to call them for certain things like unlocking certain doors/rooms, or asking if we need to do anything special. This is the longest I've held a job, and I must say that I am proud of myself and the dedication I've shown to this job, especially considering the shear amount of BS that is involved (any who know me know my profound hatred for BS and those that perpetrate it). Been working for Wal-Mart for 7 months and while I'm never going to love it, I do enjoy the physical aspect, and management has always been something I enjoy, trying to get things running as smoothly as possible, efficiency and work direction, that sort of thing. And apparently my managers like me, with the exception of one who doesn't even necessarily dislike me, but rather my current roommate.

Which brings me to my next update. For those of you who didn't know, Jake moved back to FL at the end of December, and since then I have been rooming with a wonderful person named Brittany Hope Crane (she goes by hope). And please, before anyone gets the same idea that most of my coworkers have, no we aren't sleeping together, nor or we romantically involved in any fashion. I view hope as a little sister, and she sees me as a brother, so no soap operas for you. hope used to work at Wal-Mart, but they apparently didn't like her so now she is a server at Santa Fe, a restaurant in Troy. She is doing very well there and enjoys her job immensely. We are both going to be moving into a trailer in a few days, as our current landlord is a psychotic asshat (urban dictionary link for asshat). The trailer is actually nicer than the house we live in now, it's an '07 model, 3/2 and cheaper than the 3/1 we're in now. It's a veritable win/win/win situation so fun times ^.^

And apparently I'm going to have to finish updates later because I'm about to crash. Thanks for reading, and happy St Patricks Day everyone! God Bless


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Of the Heart

So I've been delaying blogging again mainly because I don't want this to turn into a "My life at Wal-Mart Sucks" Blog (there are actually quite a few of those go check them they will make you love you're live even more) but also becuase my life is fairly boring and not much has been happening BESIDES work. But I got on tonight to put something on here and I will. At first I was going to cheat and just put a simple survey I had filled out on her, something that I may do anyway so that those of you who may not know overly much about me may learn some more. But that ws a failure since the quality of surveys I found was lacking.

My second try was going to be another "MLAWMS" entry (see above) but honestly, nothing bad has happened. We may be slammed but it's retail in the holidays, it's expected. in all honesty, work is great. I received a stellar report on my 3 month review, and am running shifts with relative ease now. So that idea is a flop (although I just got an idea for another blog. . .) I'm 0-2 now, not doing so hot.

So in the end, I'm going to resort to the same thing tha every author ever has, and something that I make fun of horrendously. Romance. You see, I have the unfortunate misfortune (Yeah, Mrs. Gould will kill me for that one) of falling for people that are either:
1)Completely unattainable
or my personal favorite 3)Crazy as sin

In this case the problem is number number one. I have fallen for someone whom I cannot have a legitimate relationship with. Without going into details which would reveal her identity, there are just too many things (at this time) that prevent a relationship beyond that of friends. And while I do cherish her friendship, it becomes rather difficult to remain satisfied with only being such.

Now I'm not usually one to gripe, complain, or try to change things, indeed one of my major flaws is stoicism; I just allows problems to remain and be. In truth, this isn't the first time I have had this problem, but at the risk of sounding cliche, this time just seems different. And although it could be said that every Love/crush is inheirantly different, I reiterate, this time is different. I don't want to make any declarations about doing whatever it takes, but at the same time, I've already made changes due to my feelings, not (neccessarily) to enable or increase my chances of a relationship, but really because she does think highly of me (with platonic admiration) and I want to better myself so as to be worthy of her praise.

But all of this talk of not-quite-teen angst is undoubtedly beginning to wear thin on all of you, so I shall leave you all and retire for the time being. Hope everyone is sleeping soundly. God Bless.


Monday, November 10, 2008


So today Slave 147 got a promotion. Well, he didn't get a new title. . .and his pay is still the same. . .but oh boy, did he get more responsibilities. Now he is in charge of pulling merchandise out of the back to fill holes, checking in merchandise in electronics to make sure that the Distribution Center isn't cheating his store, and basically being in charge of everyone else on the team. That's a promotion, right?

Also, it has come to my attention that everyone in Troy is either racist, stupid, or my friend(those first two are NOT mutually exclusive). The comments that I have to suffer through during work would make a skinhead cringe, and it's not just white people hating blacks, it goes both ways, and even as far as black people making disparaging comments about their own race!

But there is a ray of light: I have 2 days off starting Tuesday, and I get paid Thursday! I really need to try and see the gang, that should help with the work blues. Hope everyone is doing great, it's getting COLD here.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First post

So I finally decided to restart my blog, but unfortunately I couldn't find my old one so I just started a new one.

For those of you who know me but don't know yet, I am now residing in the grand little (VERY little) college town of Troy, home of the Trojan Warriors. I currently work at Wal-Mart as slave number 147, slinging boxes and making sure the shelves get stocked in pets, chemicals and paper goods. Not the greatest of jobs, but my managers like me and there is a lot of room for advancement.

I've met some very interesting people here, mostly college students in the Theater department, which yes, means they are all insane. Of the people I've met, three of them definitely stand out as my closest friends. Alex Piper, a gifted vocalist and actor who has a golden Irish heart; Colin Cahill, who although not actually IN the theater department (hes a nursing major) is still involved and has one of the greatest tenor voices I've heard in someone his age; and finally Bethany Pittman, who doesn't even actually reside in Troy, but rather attends the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Bethany is a journalism major, and her wit and intelligence are matched only by her beauty and care for others.

This post is already longer than I would have thought it would be for a first, but I've said what I came to say and more updates and posts of my wild (HA!) life will follow. Hope everyone is doing well in the wee hours of the morn. God bless.